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At the beginning of the year I planned to spend six months researching autonomous driving, and computer graphics, so I started researching hardware for developing autonomous driving systems. The first thing I considered was the jetbot that was open when nvidia released the jetson nano platform in 2019, which is basically a toy car equipped with a 3D printed body, two small wheels, and a jetson nano developer kit, a camera, and official project address, considering the cost needed to build the…

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I was introduced to a small foreign company by a friend in July last year, and I decided to leave my job after six months to start my freelance career. I hope to devote more time to the fields I am interested in, such as art, film, music, and computer, and to enrich my knowledge by exploring new fields. When I was in college, I liked to tinker with computers, and after I graduated, I worked in the IT company. When I first started to work, my knowledge was very narrow and I stayed in my area of…

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In September I purchased a Lop rabbit that was only two months old 🐰 and by taking good care of it, it made me feel that nothing is more important than life, especially when the rabbit was sick, my wife and I went through various information channels to find out how to treat rabbit diseases. A small life may cost more than 200 RMB at the mall, but the joy it brings us should not be measured in money. Life in nature is as small as an insect ant 🐜 and as large as a predatory lion 🦁️, they are all…

Kubernetes Pod Security Admission

upgrade my k8s production cluster from v1.24.4 t v1.25.0

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Today I upgraded my production kubernetes cluster from v1.24.4 to v1.25.0 and encountered a problem during the upgrade. Because the PodSecurityPolicy api was removed from kube apiserver, and by instead of Pod Security Admission (PSA), so I needed to merge PodSecurityPolicy into PSA. At this time I did some research on PSA.

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