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Discovery the value of life

I was introduced to a small foreign company by a friend in July last year, and I decided to leave my job after six months to start my freelance career. I hope to devote more time to the fields I am interested in, such as art, film, music, and computer, and to enrich my knowledge by exploring new fields. When I was in college, I liked to tinker with computers, and after I graduated, I worked in the IT company. When I first started to work, my knowledge was very narrow and I stayed in my area of expertise. Later on, I slowly came into contact with many colleagues and friends, and my thoughts also changed, so I started to contact with cross-field, play photography, learn painting, and I remember the most impressed by the fact that in the year of 2017, I took my half-year salary to buy DJI Inspire 2 professional kit, which is about 50k RMB. The motivation to learn all comes from interest, at first I didn’t think I needed to learn a lot of photography, but I found out that I was shooting without any rules and regulations, so I started to learn about photography knowledge, and then I came into contact with film. Looking back at what I did before, I realized that people really need to lose some sense to do what they want to do. The value of life is to do what you want to do, let go of it, even if you are alone, Even if you fail in the end, your life is complete, because you have come out of your own life, rather than living in the maze designed by others. I would like to use two things to describe the importance of exploring the value of life.

violin making

I purchased a violin by young Polish luthier Piotr Pielaszek in 2021, and was very fortunate that this instrument won the silver medal in the 16th Italian Violin Making Competition, and that the gold medal was vacant, so this instrument managed to appreciate in value, initially my purchase price was 140k RMB, Piotr’s current price is RMB 220,000, so the value of this award-winning instrument is about 280,000 RMB. Because of the cost, investing in contemporary instruments has more value potential than investing in vintage instruments, so I continued to explore young foreign luthiers with potential, and from yujieviolin I learned about a female luthier, her name is LISON BETTLER. image reference from bellanger-bettler-luthiers

Looking for information about her from the internet is the same as piotr at that time, very little information, at least piotr I can still hear the sound of his previous competition, Lison’s audio material is almost non-existent, but A title on website attracted me, VIOLIN-MAKING: The Work Of A Life: as a fiddle maker, for the increasingly fast-paced life Already on the edge of society, we will still go through this life quickly, and time no longer has the same value. The further we go, the richer and more complex the landscape becomes. The sharper my analytical and perceptual skills will be, the more this will guide me to become the central bridge between musician, instrument and bow.

Time no longer has the same value, what we need to do today, left for tomorrow, may present a different value. This is especially true for violin making. Each violin goes through many complicated processes in the hands of its maker, but these processes are not programmed like making a computer chip, there is a certain amount of artificial randomness, how much the thickness of the top, the length and width of the sound hole design, the template of the violin, and it is because the factors affecting a violin tend to be infinite, so each violin has its own characteristics. I think this is the value of Lison’s life, because Lison extends his life to help musicians make the instruments they want in their hearts.


Images references from Cartier

Inadvertently I saw a new ad pushed by Cartier, the Cartier Française Tank. The movie ad was shot quite amazingly and will make you feel the elegance of the Française Tank in just one minute.

Let’s take a look at the whole short film shooting sequences, combining film art and Watch together to present the romantic feelings of French art, the film background music used Japanese musician Jun Miyake’s “Lilies of the Valley “, the avant-garde style of music and French art into one, also brought the film a plus point.

  1. France Seine, Pont Alexandre III, big panoramic view from the sky

  1. Cartier Française Tank appears as a male protagonist on the riverbank

  1. Through a seamless masking transition, the male lead walked onto the bridge

  1. The male sees the heroine of the moment, Catherine Deneuve

  1. The male protagonist uses a modern Leica camera to shoot the female protagonist

  1. At the moment when the shutter is pressed, time is turned back and the modern camera in the hero’s hand becomes a traditional film camera to photograph Catherine Deneuve, who was full of fashion when she was young

  1. A seamless transition, there is a simple, elegant and dignified Catherine Deneuve, while our male becomes a painter

  1. Then the camera followed the direction of the male line of sight change upward, and then slowly downward, time came to the film set, this time Catherine Deneuve looked extra serious and intellectual

  1. A seamless transition, the main man back to reality, this time the Catherine Deneuve sitting in the car, looking at the watch, towards the man a slight smile, and finally is the back and forth echo a large panoramic view of the air.

The short film does not use complex scene scheduling, a few simple shots connect, reflecting the elegant minimalism of the French, although the passage of time, but the wrist watches of the men and women have not changed. I did not hesitate to buy this watch after watching this short film because I know that time is an intangible value, time is always flowing and changing, so what is constant, the love of art, the pursuit of elegance, simple but not ordinary, this short film let me experience these, the watch in the film is the representative of this spirit. I have to say that this short film by Cartier is so cinematic and artistic.

The same tool in the hands of different people, it reflects the value is not the same, an iPhone, if we record by randomly shooting video, then the work will not have the value of time, on the contrary, we use the film way to shoot, through the lens to capture the image in the mind, then the work contains the value of time, its meaning will be fixed in the work forever.


Through two things, I want to say, in the long river of life, time is the most valuable, every minute and every second that passes is the value of the passing, we have to seize these times, seize the value, seizing the eternity, in the violin making continuous exploration of the craft that is eternal, in different stages of life still keep love the watch on their wrist that is eternal, thinking about how to shoot each image in the film production that is eternal. The value of life is to find the inextinguishable light in the passing time, and then you will run towards that light until the end of your life, and finally your value will be reflected in a instrument, in a watch, or frozen in the film.

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