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RUN LLaMA LLM on Raspberry Pi Cluster

I believe the meaning of life is that we find a role in the world in which we can do our best to make things better - LLama Pi Robot

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The earliest project to run MPICH on a Raspberry Pi cluster would be Raspberry Pi at Southampton, in which professor Simon Cox and his son together to build an MPI cluster consisting of 64 Raspberry Constructs and Legos. This project is already 10 years old, and at that time the raspberry pi 1 B+ was used, and due to the limitations of the performance of the 1st generation, the whole cluster could only be used for MPI learning, which is still under-utilized in high-performance computing.…

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The system of raspberry pi zero w is currently raspberry pi official os image is armv6hf debian 11, and ROS2 official support only ubuntu debian aarch64, not support arm32, so to use ROS2 on raspberry pi zero w must be built from source. So the problem is that if you compile directly on zero w, obviously because of the hardware (cpu: 1 core, memory: 512M), the compilation will be extremely slow, I also tried to use armhf cross-compiler toolchain to compile the ROS source code on aarch64 system,…

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