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Bambu Lab

Recently I needed to make my own mounting parts because I needed to install an Intel Realsense D435i for Vision SLAM on my Robomaster EP, so I decided to get my hands dirty and use 3D printing to do it. Although I have an overlord pro on hand that I purchased five years ago, due to the age of the machine, I need to manually optimize and tweak the performance of this printer, and considering the cost of time, I decided to purchase a new 3D printer for the printing of accessories, this overlord pro will be repaired later when I have time.

After constant research I finally locked in on the Bambu Lab X1 Carbon Combo, a machine that is a revolutionary creation in the field of 3d printing. Often play 3d printing partners must know, when the machine is turned on to the model production is complete, the process requires many times of manual intervention to check, especially important is the leveling of the print panel, which consumes the cost of time completely more than the cost of printing consumables, then Bambu Lab will be 3D printing in these cumbersome manual intervention problems all automated, the machine itself is covered with many sensors, which brings a lot of convenience to the printing platform. The leveling of the printing platform, the first layer of the printing inspection, but also used millimeter LiDAR, through the machine embedded neural network processing engine to complete the first layer of the model quality inspection, support for high-speed printing, especially for larger models, printing on a 100mm/s machine takes 20 hours, while printing at 500mm/s on the x1 carbon only takes 3 hours. And of course there is Bambu Lab’s own AMS system, which can support automatic material change and is very friendly for multi-color 3d printing.

Through Bambu Lab’s official blog, I learned that the founders of the team are all from DJI, and sure enough, the product has a particularly strong DJI Style, especially with millimeter LiDAR. The team is basically an interdisciplinary research team. 3D printing requires structural mechanics, mechanical dynamics, fluid dynamics, and software development, and after they left DJI, they applied these technologies to the world of 3D printing, resulting in this creative X1 Carbon.

Blender CAD

In order to design models that match real-world accuracy, we need to use accurate modeling, the more common modeling tools such as fusion 360, I tried to do accurate modeling in blender and found a good tool CAD Sketcher. I used this tool to design a lot of expansion boards for Robomaster EP, integrating raspberry pi, coral tpu, intel realsense to robomaster ep, so that the little robot can do autonomous localization and cruise indoors.

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