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luthier Piotr Pielaszek

Custom violin made by Piotr Pielaszek

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Piotr Pielaszek has always been in contact with instruments and the violin making world, as his father is a violin maker in Poland as well. Piotr studied cello from an early age, and at 16, moved to Poznan to begin violin making studies at a musical high school. After finishing high school, Piotr became a violin making student at the Musical Academy in Poznan. He completed his bachelor studies and received a diploma with distinction.

Classical Music Micro Log

Fan Jia Minh Organ Recital

1-Minute Read

Last night I went to see Fan Jia Ming Organ Recital, the first half of the concert was a Western baroque organ pieces, the second half of the concert had the player’s own composition and adaptation of the national style of oriental music, through the organ to depict the East of this idea of the unity of heaven and man, oriental music focuses on the mood, while Western music focuses on the diversity of musical weaving, I must say that the player is very elegant, himself I took a few photos…

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