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Ethereum mainnet merge

In August this year, the ETH goerli test network was merged 2.0, I also participated in the test network merge, the whole process was successful, I used lighthouse as the ETH Consensus layer, geth as the Execution layer, the current test network running validator node status is good. In the coming September, the main ETH network will be merged with 2.0, and I also ran the Consensue Layer and Execution Layer separately, so I hope this major merger will be completed successfully.

goerli testnet validator status

Merging process

ETH 2.0 Beacon Chain will first undergo a Bellatrix upgrade to activate the merging of the two chains, which will take place around 2022-09-06 UTC, after which when the PoW chain reaches a certain workload difficulty, the merging process will be initiated and the PoW’s chain data will be merged into the PoS Beacon Chain, when the PoW reaching its termination difficulty around 2022-09-10 to 2022-09-20. The first diagram at the beginning of the article shows that when the merge starts, PoW will be deprecated and the whole network will be maintained by validator.

Bellatrix upgrade will be opened in beacon chain epoch 144896, Paris upgrade will be opened in Terminal Total Difficulty (TTD) 587500000000000000000000000. when the difficulty reaches TTD, all subsequent blocks will be generated by beacon chain validator, it will takes about 13 minutes to generate the first Post TTD block, when the beacon chain can finalize the new block generated by validator, it means the merge is successful.


node ops

The node maintainer needs to run the consensus layer (CL) and execution layer (EL), and the EL needs to have the Engine API enabled, and then the CL accesses the EL via JWT authentication.

Staker Validator

In the post merge phase, the validator needs to run the EL independently and configure the fee recipient address to get the revenue.


Post merge has very little impact on the contracts and almost all interfaces are kept in a stable state.

ETH holder

After the merge, the ETH holder does not need to do anything.


After the merger, PoW has been removed and Miner can no longer contribute miner power to PoS.

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