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At the beginning of the year I planned to spend six months researching autonomous driving, and computer graphics, so I started researching hardware for developing autonomous driving systems. The first thing I considered was the jetbot that was open when nvidia released the jetson nano platform in 2019, which is basically a toy car equipped with a 3D printed body, two small wheels, and a jetson nano developer kit, a camera, and official project address, considering the cost needed to build the…

ReMarkable 2

reMarkable 2 notebook paper

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I booked reMarkable2 ink screen handwritten electronic tablet book in March, due to the epidemic, I should have received it in July, but only yesterday I received the goods, the whole product packaging is very artistic part, the reason for buying this product is to facilitate their own travel when they can. The battery life is also particularly long, basically look at the book can be used for 3-5 days, compared to a tablet like the iPad the advantage of the product is probably that is ink screen…

Running Folding@home

Running Folding@home

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Let’s start with the main principle. Rosetta@home is only predicting the molecular structure of synthetic drugs capable of Binding Covid-19 outer spike-in protein, which can be imagined as similar to the photographic technique in photography. Rosetta can statically predict the characteristics of a particular protein, but it cannot predict how that protein molecule will function under the evolution of time. Because there will be potential differences between molecules that generate…

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