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Professional Background

  • Bachelors 2008 - 2012
  • [Major] Mathematics and Applied Mathematics
  • [University] Northwestern Normal University, Zhihang College


Information aggregation tools

Hacker News


Current Position

  • [years of service] 7 years

  • [position] Freelance

  • [Main job description]:

    1. responsible for landing the company’s main business operations and maintenance level
    2. responsible for and planning the overall go-live of the kubernetes cluster and migrating business traffic to the cluster
    3. Chatops Workflow Implementation
    4. research on the application of machine learning algorithms to the field of operations and maintenance for early warning and post-automation.
    5. operation and maintenance development


  • [technical field]

    1. enjoys learning and specializing in problems in the field of mathematics
    2. a strong affinity for Linux operating systems.
    3. like to toss Raspberry Pi
    4. investigate cutting-edge technologies at home and abroad
  • [non-technical area]

    1. specializes in musical instruments Violin 🎻
    2. video shooting and editing 🎬
  • None
  • None

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