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After I joined the sparkpool team with the job of Devops in 2018, I broadened my knowledge of digital cryptocurrencies, and in these close to four years of work, I learned about digital finance and traditional financial system, what is a sound monetary system, the difference between cryptocurrencies and traditional currencies, so to speak, at sparkpool I learned a lot of financial knowledge, and also taught myself the technology related to cutting-edge such as deep learning and quantitative…

Crypto Forecasting 1

G-Research Crypto Forecasting - use your ML expertise to predict real crypto market data

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Predicting high volatility digital currency market prices is difficult, G-Research has launched a contest project on kaggle.com about predicting digital cryptocurrency returns using machine learning, I am going to join the contest, later references and model building about the contest will be updated in that blog board.

Interlay Btc Bridge - 2

Understanding interlay BTC cross-chain bridges

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Having previously written a blog about the overall architecture of PolkaBTC, in this blog we will understand specifically how PolkaBTC works. PolkaBTC has been renamed Interlay BTC Bridge, where the previously running Staked Relayer has been merged into the Valut module. Interlay uses the XCLAIM protocol framework, where BitCoin assets are locked in the Bitcoin chain, which then generates a 1:1 corresponding InterBTC token on the Interlay chain, and InterBTC Token can be used on parallel…

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