Sculpting in time

Do one thing and do it well.
Every story has a beginning and an end.

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I finally got the book I wanted to buy four years ago on ebay, The Invisible Art, because it is an extremely rare book and most foreign used bookstores do not support direct shipping to China, so I waited for a long time looking for an opportunity to buy a newer copy of The Invisible Art, and finally I found a merchant on ebay who sent the book to China through a forwarding center in the US. The reason for buying this book is that I wanted to build my own world view. Although this book is mainly…

luthier Piotr Pielaszek

Custom violin made by Piotr Pielaszek

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Piotr Pielaszek has always been in contact with instruments and the violin making world, as his father is a violin maker in Poland as well. Piotr studied cello from an early age, and at 16, moved to Poznan to begin violin making studies at a musical high school. After finishing high school, Piotr became a violin making student at the Musical Academy in Poznan. He completed his bachelor studies and received a diploma with distinction.

Talk about investment

Talk about your own views and insights about investing

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Most of the time we hear about investments like, oh, he made millions a year speculating in real estate, oh, people made millions by speculating in coins and achieved wealth freedom. We ourselves also look forward to seize some speculative areas to achieve huge wealth income in a relatively short period of time, however, the reality is that most people will go to collision luck, if they own a certain investment product turned tens or even hundreds of times, then you yourself have achieved…

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