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Sculpting in time

Every story has a beginning and an end.

8-Minute Read

This is an article from 2020. After recording the title of the article, I didn’t write the content, but now I’m taking advantage of the vacation time to give a detailed description of Matte Painting, a magical field in which we create fantasy worlds inside our own minds. This article is about the history of Matte Painting and the techniques of Matte Painting.

Talk about investment

Talk about your own views and insights about investing

2-Minute Read

Most of the time we hear about investments like, oh, he made millions a year speculating in real estate, oh, people made millions by speculating in coins and achieved wealth freedom. We ourselves also look forward to seize some speculative areas to achieve huge wealth income in a relatively short period of time, however, the reality is that most people will go to collision luck, if they own a certain investment product turned tens or even hundreds of times, then you yourself have achieved…

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不断的学习思考, 保持好奇心
Keep thinking, Stay curious
Always be sensitive to new things