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Every story has a beginning and an end.

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I was introduced to a small foreign company by a friend in July last year, and I decided to leave my job after six months to start my freelance career. I hope to devote more time to the fields I am interested in, such as art, film, music, and computer, and to enrich my knowledge by exploring new fields. When I was in college, I liked to tinker with computers, and after I graduated, I worked in the IT company. When I first started to work, my knowledge was very narrow and I stayed in my area of…

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In September I purchased a Lop rabbit that was only two months old 🐰 and by taking good care of it, it made me feel that nothing is more important than life, especially when the rabbit was sick, my wife and I went through various information channels to find out how to treat rabbit diseases. A small life may cost more than 200 RMB at the mall, but the joy it brings us should not be measured in money. Life in nature is as small as an insect ant 🐜 and as large as a predatory lion 🦁️, they are all…

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I finally got the book I wanted to buy four years ago on ebay, The Invisible Art, because it is an extremely rare book and most foreign used bookstores do not support direct shipping to China, so I waited for a long time looking for an opportunity to buy a newer copy of The Invisible Art, and finally I found a merchant on ebay who sent the book to China through a forwarding center in the US. The reason for buying this book is that I wanted to build my own world view. Although this book is mainly…

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Disney+ announced that on July 27th it will launch a documentary about Lucasfilm - ‘Light && Magic’, a total of 6 episodes, focusing on the film effects filming techniques currently used by Industrial Light & Magic, allowing us to learn more about how the film effects are done. And gives us a better understanding of how the behind-the-scenes filming of special effects is done, thus promoting the development of the creative art of filmmakers worldwide. If you are…

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After I joined the sparkpool team with the job of Devops in 2018, I broadened my knowledge of digital cryptocurrencies, and in these close to four years of work, I learned about digital finance and traditional financial system, what is a sound monetary system, the difference between cryptocurrencies and traditional currencies, so to speak, at sparkpool I learned a lot of financial knowledge, and also taught myself the technology related to cutting-edge such as deep learning and quantitative…

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