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Every story has a beginning and an end.

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In September I purchased a Lop rabbit that was only two months old 🐰 and by taking good care of it, it made me feel that nothing is more important than life, especially when the rabbit was sick, my wife and I went through various information channels to find out how to treat rabbit diseases. A small life may cost more than 200 RMB at the mall, but the joy it brings us should not be measured in money. Life in nature is as small as an insect ant 🐜 and as large as a predatory lion 🦁️, they are all made up of one of the most basic units, which is the cell. Why a bunch of cells come together to produce life, and a life with free consciousness, is perhaps the complexity of the entire universe plays a role, where the system evolves over time under the action of a simple set of rules, eventually presenting a highly complex structure of living organisms. For human beings, we have a brain that is incomparable to other beings, and it is the ability to learn and create that makes us stand on this blue planet, which is also a gift of life to us humans, and we need to be in awe of every little life that grows on Earth, because every cell that grows in these beings uses the same The laws of nature. Each living thing is a different branch of the same tree of life, yet they all have the same roots. The fear of life allows us to understand the true meaning of life.

I’d like to introduce you to a book I’ve been reading recently by the physicist Schrödinger, “What is Life?”, which focuses on what life is from a physical-biological perspective. Perhaps the point of human existence itself is to find out the truth behind of life, to explore the roots of the tree of life.

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