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The Blind Harpist - A View of the Film

Only sadness is beautiful

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Last night I sat alone in the cinema and watched the movie “The Blind Pianist”, the legendary story of blind jazz pianist Mietek Kosz.

The film, released in Taiwan, is called “Only Sadness is Beautiful”. Mietek Kosz became blind as a child for genetic reasons, and because he loved music, he conquered the audiences who came to admire him through hard practice and perfect listening, and kept winning international awards, during which many people helped him and enlightened him. Although his life was short, from a blind man’s point of view, there was a light in the darkness of the world, and Mietek Kosz caught it. The music is an uncompromising outburst of the soul.

The story is edited in a non-linear way, from the beginning when Mietek Kosz comes on stage, the camera keeps flashing back to his childhood, the time he spent in the school for the blind, and the story keeps interspersing his childhood. When God closes a door, he also opens a window for you. While Mietek Kosz’s friends, his favorite people, and his parents kept closing the door on his heart, music came to him outside the window. There were perhaps three people who changed his life: the first was the teacher he met at the conservatory, and the second was the waitress at the restaurant who gave him his wallet. The teacher at the conservatory had told him that you have to forget about the keys and play with your heart, that technique is important, but not the most important thing. The restaurant waitress was able to listen to what Mietek Kosz had to say. When Mietek Kosz tried to find someone to listen to his new music, his friends turned him down because they were busy, and finally he had to call up the old man who was drinking at the bottom of the building to listen to his music. In the temple, a taste of life, suffering, sadness, happiness, joy, Mietek Kosz can play a moving jazz, while the clown is still on stage fiddling with his lack of soil nourishing music, still complacent. Only sadness is beautiful. After the movie was over, the theater lights came on, and I was sitting alone in the penultimate row of the cinema, I suddenly thought of a French movie “Let the sadness end at sunrise”, when we lose something precious, we can face the soul of I think therefore I am, Bach can write the Chaconne that takes the heart, Beethoven can write the fate that never bows to life Symphony, when we can not see the light, we will appreciate the beauty of the world, the details of nature’s sculpting will come to our mind, when we can not hear the sound, we can understand how beautiful the music is, the twittering of birds is also a gift of nature’s music. Yes, only sadness is beautiful.

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