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Life needs to be risky

In June, I wrote a blog about investment,Talk about investment, and ended up talking about investing in violins. I booked a violin made by Piotr Pielaszek through a luthier in China, and this violin will be taken to Italy by Piotr after it is finished. The violin will be brought to Italy by Piotr to participate in this year’s Italian Fiddle Making Triennale.

The selection of materials for this violin was all up to the luthier, and since I was going to compete, I did not interfere in any way with the details of the making of the violin. I decided to buy Piotr Pielaszek’s violin after learning about his life on the Internet and about his workmanship from a luthier in China. The main motivation came from the fact that having a good violin would allow me to be more risk averse in my future adventures, to be positive and optimistic about life, to have at least one violin to follow me in the face of pain, and to choose this instrument based on my own intuition.

Just today I got the good news that Piotr Pielaszek won the Silver MEDAGLIA D’ARGENTO VIOLINO in violin making, the gold medal for violin is vacant this year, and he also won the Premio Simone Fernando Sacconi - VIOLINO award. I was especially happy when I learned this news, thinking that my original intention at that time was not to buy Piotr’s award-winning violin, but to have a good violin of my own, and now that this violin has won the award, and the violin has also arrived in Italy, and will flow to my hands later, I am very excited to think about it, at least now it seems that I made a right decision to choose Piotr’s violin at that time, and also for the competition I hope he will be able to make more and more instruments in the future.

Back to the beginning of the article, you need to take risks in life, I believe Piotr also did a lot of risk-taking in the process of making the violin, such as the details of making the violin will have many kinds of options, and he chose one of them must have his own ideas, from the selection of materials, the choice of violin mold, polishing, carving, there are a lot of variables in the impact of the instrument, before the award, Piotr if not to take risks, not to break the rules, all the hearts and minds. If Piotr had not taken the risk to break the rules before the award, and if all his thoughts had been on how to win the award, the result would have been predictable. As a piano buyer is the same, we have to choose the right piano for ourselves, for our collection, before buying these decisions need to understand themselves clearly, where the risk means that you have to pay for their choice, choose, you need to master it well, the future is not as you wish, do not be discouraged, to play a bad deck of cards into a good one. Choose the right one, then continue to take risks, just like getting a quality violin, the next thing is to practice hard, do not stay at the origin, through continuous trial and error and adventure will let us know a new side of the world.

The above photos were taken and provided by Piotr Pielaszek during the making of the violin, please do not use them for commercial purposes.

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