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Fickle investments

Most of the time we hear about investments like, oh, he made millions a year speculating in real estate, oh, people made millions by speculating in coins and achieved wealth freedom. We ourselves also look forward to seize some speculative areas to achieve huge wealth income in a relatively short period of time, however, the reality is that most people will go to collision luck, if they own a certain investment product turned tens or even hundreds of times, then you yourself have achieved financial freedom, here is a key factor, is the ability of individuals to resist risk, if a person can not resist in the investment process to lose If a person cannot resist losing most of their money in the process of investing, then I like to call the investment a flashy one, because the investor’s aim is to get rich in a short time and forget about the risks, which is my personal least favorite way of investing.

Personal value investing

Money earned through your own efforts and used to invest in yourself is what I like to call value investing. There are so many ways to make money, and it can be through work. You can take out your strengths and skills through freelancing, and you can enter the stock market and other investment fields through long-term learning. When you earn the appropriate return, you can put these returns into your favorite field, and to become a professional in the field, you have to spend a lot of time accumulating and learning, after a longer period of time to taste the rich fruits it brings you. One of them is your hobby, you can spend the money you earn on your favorite hobby, such as photography, painting, music, although these interests can not bring you short-term returns in a short period of time, like speculation in stocks, but has been persistent, they will bring you hundreds of times the harvest, take a valuable photo, the price may be hundreds or even thousands of dollars, learn to paint and violin, maybe later you can open a thousand dollars per hour. Maybe later you can open your own studio with a thousand dollar per hour return, such a way of investment I like to call long-term value investment.


My own investment direction violin

I intend to buy a Yujie’s Studio violin, with a hand-made custom price between 70,000-200,000 RMB that I can afford, and a custom waiting time of 2-5 years.

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