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I finally got the book I wanted to buy four years ago on ebay, The Invisible Art, because it is an extremely rare book and most foreign used bookstores do not support direct shipping to China, so I waited for a long time looking for an opportunity to buy a newer copy of The Invisible Art, and finally I found a merchant on ebay who sent the book to China through a forwarding center in the US. The reason for buying this book is that I wanted to build my own world view. Although this book is mainly about Matte Painting in film production, just as we sit in the cinema and watch a movie, we do not feel that there is such a group of artists behind the scenes serving the story of the movie, our thoughts are moving forward with the story. Similarly, in other fields, after we use technology to complete the whole, we should let the user or the admirer feel the art itself, not the technique, the technique is to serve the art, through learning Matte Painting, we always need to remember that Matte Painting is to serve the story, when leaving the story behind to express your ideas through gorgeous technology, no one can understand you, because the viewer has already seen you in the work, he already knows this is a gorgeous special effect. Do some thinking divergence, like playing music, at first we focus on the technique, and finally the musicality, we want the music to tell the story, this time we have to learn the Invisible Art technique, to let the listener be attracted to your music, not as a spectator to listen to your performance, great Matte Painting work is all about creating physically realistic scenes. The same of good musician is to let you understand the meaning of each note, Invisible Art is about taking every detail to the extreme and then building a magnificent world in which every sculptural detail of the artist is hidden, which is why I created invisibleart.pro. To learn a field, you first have to like it, and then you explore the details in it.

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