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New Mac Mini With Apple M1 Chip

The new Mac Mini with Apple M1 chip

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The beginning of 2020 when they have planned their own future direction is to ARM devices edge computing direction development, is expected in the next 3-5 years ARM platform will rise in various computing fields, from smart phones to small Arduino edge devices, to large supercomputing systems, in every corner of the world we can see the figure of ARM.

Running Folding@home

Running Folding@home

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Let’s start with the main principle. Rosetta@home is only predicting the molecular structure of synthetic drugs capable of Binding Covid-19 outer spike-in protein, which can be imagined as similar to the photographic technique in photography. Rosetta can statically predict the characteristics of a particular protein, but it cannot predict how that protein molecule will function under the evolution of time. Because there will be potential differences between molecules that generate…

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