Sculpting in time

Do one thing and do it well.
Every story has a beginning and an end.

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After I joined the sparkpool team with the job of Devops in 2018, I broadened my knowledge of digital cryptocurrencies, and in these close to four years of work, I learned about digital finance and traditional financial system, what is a sound monetary system, the difference between cryptocurrencies and traditional currencies, so to speak, at sparkpool I learned a lot of financial knowledge, and also taught myself the technology related to cutting-edge such as deep learning and quantitative trading after work, although I haven’t made a complete set of related products myself, but I have been working hard in this direction. I am very glad to join the sparkpool family, and I would like to thank the two founders of sparkpool. The last of the last, the gathering is a fire and the scattering is full of stars.

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