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Back in 2020 I wrote a blog post Renderman24 Will Support Blender,at the end of which I documented my intention to purchase a commercial version of Renderman. after more than a year, I realized my idea, configured myself with an image workstation, purchased a commercially copyrighted Renderman, and most importantly, I also purchased a set of EIZO CG319x monitors for myself. The initial reason for preparing all this was mainly because of the rise of web 3.0. I envisioned a one-person freelance career, because the film industry is created through a very large group of people, and it is very time-consuming for one person to complete a live-action film or an animated feature film, or even a short film, independently, because there are many technical as well as artistic stumbling blocks in front of you, and you have to overcome them little by little to complete every detail of the film. Then I thought about the possibility of using the machine’s algorithm to set up the characters’ environment, to generate life and environment in the computer’s world, which is called modeling and animation and scene production in conventional film production. Dare to imagine if the computer can complete these creative processes, such as animal jumping and running, model materials, keying, human walking, we are no longer through the drawing of key frames, debugging materials, manual green screen keying, but through the computer’s learning of the real world to actively explore these key frames, to achieve the simulation of real-world object materials, the precise keying of the characters in the picture, then it seems that a person It is no problem to create a wonderful movie. Of course, this is just an idea, and the technology is not yet so sci-fi.

Now let’s talk about the CG319x-4k HDR Monitor, which is produced and distributed by EIZO, which won the Science and Technology Award at the 2021 Academy Awards for Science and Technology. There are many film animation and visual effects companies using EIZO’s CG monitors, including ILM (Industrial Light and Magic), Pixar, MPC FILM, and DNEG (Dune 2021’s visual effects team). EIZO Official Introduction Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Oscars SCIENTIFIC & TECHNICAL AWARDS 2020. My perception of tools is to try to buy the best within my ability, and also to consider the degree of value of the tool, I also considered these two aspects when buying the CG319x, using a good tool to put energy into learning and creating, I think it is worth paying more, because it will bring you double the return. Through this monitor, what I hope I can do is to constantly observe the natural world around me and then show it in the digital world in fine detail, just like a painter shows the world he sees through the brush in his hand.

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