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This is an article from 2020. After recording the title of the article, I didn’t write the content, but now I’m taking advantage of the vacation time to give a detailed description of Matte Painting, a magical field in which we create fantasy worlds inside our own minds. This article is about the history of Matte Painting and the techniques of Matte Painting.

Crypto Forecasting 1

G-Research Crypto Forecasting - use your ML expertise to predict real crypto market data

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Predicting high volatility digital currency market prices is difficult, G-Research has launched a contest project on kaggle.com about predicting digital cryptocurrency returns using machine learning, I am going to join the contest, later references and model building about the contest will be updated in that blog board.

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When I was in high school, I read about iRobot’s sweeping robot in New Science magazine, and I was particularly curious about the fact that there was a disc robot that swept the floor. We can do more meaningful things, such as read more books, get up later in the morning, and book the robot to help us clean our bedroom in advance when we get home at night.

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