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November National Day Schedule

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Considering the existence of a large number of asymptomatic people in this epidemic, so this November holiday myself decided to DeepMind 2020 machine learning of the remaining six courses to finish, temporarily do not consider going on a trip.

Course address:

deep learning lecture series 2020

There is also a course that I have been following HarvardX’s Tiny Machine Learning (TinyML) program harvardx-tiny-machine-learning?utm_campaign=Professional%20Certificates%20%20&utm_medium=email&_hsmi=96130954&hsenc=p2ANqtz– 7LiwHUWYNB_CyU36B4PMjUk1cf7LS8UNQHZKmoUGBtZ0LctZw691q9Ixa5gc5vwEeOVBkGjCGF1vAOA8hr_Jb_akwxw&utm_content=95985108&utm_source=hs email), that is, the course is a little expensive $ 537, and then see for yourself whether there is a discount behind, because their future development direction tends to TinyML, so I will always pay attention to the latest developments in this field, if there are friends who want to buy this course together, you can contact me by email [email protected].

Correction: HarvardX’s Tiny Machine Learning (TinyML) program This course can be purchased by auditing, if you need an academic certificate then you need to purchase the course at the price above, the specific way to auditing, just click on the course above Enroll, then select Audit This Course No Certificate and you’re done.

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