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I set up an online studio named invisibleart, inspired by a book about Matte Painting, book’s name is “The Invisible Art: The Legends of Movie Matte Painting”.

Because I’m particularly interested in Matte Painting, and because the book is so scarce that the price on Amazon is already selling at 1600RMB, I purchased a copy through ebay in May, hoping that I would receive the book properly in June. My main concern is the invisibleart, which is a film visual effects creation that allows you to see no traces of artificial processing in the work, as if directly shot with a camera directly to the original scene. To create these images in the digital world requires us to train our eyes to discern the real details in them. In a grand sense, every work of art by an artist is rooted in authenticity, as we know from painting, music, and the ancient people who first learned from nature imitation in their creations, the closer the characteristics of the artwork are to nature, the more we can feel the authenticity of the art. Based on this idea, I set up the website invisibleart.pro. The purpose of the website is to tell the latest film technology, including the interpretation of professional papers and articles, and the release of works, invisibleart.pro is different from blog.cineneural.com differs in that the former focuses on the details of the technical field, while the latter focuses mainly on a summary of my life and thinking.

invisibleart.pro is built with wordpress, running on Raspberry Pi in the cloud, and TiDB is used for the backend database. The blog will continue to be updated with personal life and thoughts, because the website is running in a non-IDC server room, so I am also considering a backup site for invisibleart.pro to prevent invisibleart.pro from being inaccessible due to network reasons.

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