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Taleb Disorder Series Books

Taleb Uncertainty Series Books

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Introducing four great books written by Taleb:

  1. “Antifragile” Reading
  2. “The Black Swan” finished
  3. The Random Walk for Dummies not read
  4. “Asymmetric Risk” not read
  5. The Wisdom of Random Survival unread

Knowledge Extension

In looking at Taleb’s Black Swan, he has been emphasizing the properties of both Average Stan and Extreme Stan, while paying particular attention to the probabilistic understanding-fractal geometry, self-similarity theory in Extreme Stan. Here let me pay special attention to the conjecture that graph network is the cornerstone of the physical theory of the universe proposed by wolfram earlier this year, interested partners can go to wolframphysics to understand the specific content, simply speaking is to create complex universe by a simple rule, and then by these multiplying models of the universe to explain our existing edifice of physics theory. In fractal theory, a certain rule reproduces the wonderful geometry of nature by constantly iterating itself, which is the self-similar structure that Taleb has been describing in his books, so at present one focuses a lot of attention on the two areas of randomness and fractal geometry, and the use of fractal geometry may lead to a new breakthrough in machine learning.

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