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Considering the efficiency at work and the fact that my skills in English are not very solid, I investigated the use of DeepL to complete the translation of the official website and the daily blog.

The free version of DeepL has a lot of restrictions, when buying the paid version of DeepL Pro in China, DeepL official website for supporting China 🇨🇳 region, the solution is to use Virtual VISA service, you can go here for the specific process.


  • The official website claims that it is the best machine translation in the world, probably using its own developed neural network, which improves the accuracy of translation.

  • Translate complete documents.

  • API function and CAT translation integration

Starter version price: $6.99/month

Starter Edition Features:

  1. unlimited text translation

  2. data security

  3. Translate full documentation <= 5/month

  4. Formal and Informal Terms

  5. glossary of terms, unlimited entries


Payments are completed using the Ebay Card.

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