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Behind why deep learning is so powerful, we can think of the human brain’s neurons, which individually can’t do anything, but a bunch of neurons together are immensely powerful.

Watch a movie about how cells and proteins work in living things, and be amazed at how tiny microscopic worlds can work in such subtle ways.

Inner Life Of A Cell - Full Version

Sometimes when I think about the above questions, I get the urge to learn more about how the world works, whether human communication can be likened to molecular interactions, why a bunch of >neurons put together can create intelligent life forms, how the free consciousness of such life forms is formed, how the transfer of information between neurons is encoded, and what is happening at a deeper level. Whether the field of study can continue to exploit certain features of the brain > neurons to enhance the design of models.

To unravel these perplexing questions and broaden my knowledge, I bought four important books in foreign languages.

An Exploration of the Theory of Gravitation

Introduction to Genes and Genetic Aspects

Neurotheoretical Sciences

Molecular Machine Theory

Each of the books here may help us go further in the field of deep learning.

Lowest Price for an Oreilly Animal Book

I need to buy the book Programming Kubernetes for my work, I found several online bookstores in China, but the price is very expensive, basically one book is 600RMB, and I don’t want to use pirated books, so I want to find a way to read these technical books through third-party channels at a low price, so I have the following solution.

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To register for ACM membership, the full name of which is the Association For Computing Machinery International Computer Association, go to [Developing Country Member Registration](https://services.acm.org/public/qj/proflevel/ countryListing.cfm?promo=PWEBTOP&form_type=Professional), select China in the country, then follow the process to register, and finally pay the annual fee is ready.

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If you are simply looking for information on electronic publications, you can choose the most basic price of 170RMB.

After registration, we can enter the zoo and read the books.

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Clicking on O’Reilly in the upper right corner will allow you to log in to O’Reilly to view and learn about various new technology books online, because new technology is always changing, if it is purely to learn a new technology, then it is advisable to buy e-books.

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